Tochal ski resort is one of the top 10 highest ski resorts in the world

Tochal ski resort is one of the top 10 highest ski resorts in the world

Tochal ski resort is one of the top 10 highest ski resorts in the world. Its high slopes start from the foot of Tochal peak at an altitude of 3850m and end near Tochal Hotel at an altitude of 3550m. The slopes are covered with snow over 8 months and they are good enough for backcountry exploration. As the nearest ski resort to Tehran, Tochal ski resort is an ideal place for skiing, snowboarding, and experiencing other winter sports in Iran. It is also one of the best places for acclimatization and exercise before going ski mountaineering on Damavand. If you wish to skip the Alps and go on a ski holiday to Iran as an affordable ski destination, Tochal ski resort is a perfect choice.

Here, you will find more details about Tochal ski resort located in Tehran, the vivid capital of Iran.

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Tochal international ski resort and complex

Since Tochal ski resort is one of the best ski resorts and off-piste skiing areas near Tehran, it is very popular with local skiers and snowboarders. As an international ski resort recognized by International Ski Federation, Tochal ski resort welcomes skiers and snowboarders from around the world. So far, several snowboarding competitions have been held there.

Tochal ski resort facilities and services

Tochal ski resort has one of the longest gondolas in the world. Skiers and snowboarders are lucky enough to take a 50-minute gondola ride to get separated from the city’s hustle and bustle and enjoy a full day skiing at the highest ski resort in Iran. The snow quality is very good and there are some off-piste skiing areas around the slopes to satisfy adventurous skiers and snowboarders. Tochal ski resort also embraces the peak of Mount Tochal. Therefore, it takes about half an hour mountain climbing from station 7 to reach Tochal peak and meet Iranian mountaineers there.

Ski in Tochal resort, Tehran, Iran

Enjoy skiing and snowboarding at Tochal ski resort, Tehran, Iran

If there is sufficient snow, it is possible to ski down from Station 7 to Station 5, instead of losing time in overcrowded lift queues taking about 2 hours at each station. The other choice is to stay at Tochal ski resort hotel located at station 7. As a perfect ski-in-ski-out hotel, Tochal ski hotel will let you enjoy the Iranian style of après-ski activities and also recharge yourself for another adventurous day.

Tochal ski resort elevation

Tochal ski resort sits at an elevation of 3550m in the Alborz Mountains and it offers 6km of slopes available for skiing and snowboarding. The skiing area is accessed by one of the longest gondolas in the world stretching over 7.5 km. Tochal Telecabin (Tochal cable car or gondola lift) has four stations and each of them has some facilities and recreational areas to offer. Gondola run starts at an altitude of 1900m (station 1) and ends at an altitude of 3740m (station 7) near the main ridge of Tochal from where it takes a 30-minute mountain climbing to reach Tochal peak.

Ski season at Tochal ski resort

Tochal ski season begins from November and ends in June. Since Tochal is a high elevation ski resort, its snow quality is suitable for skiing for a longer period; however, the ski season may change depending on the weather condition and the amount of annual snowfall.

In spring, it might be hot at the 1st station called Velenjak valley. However, the gondola lift would take you to the 3rd station where you would feel the cool and the pleasant weather. At the 5th station, the snowy mountains appear on the background.  At the 7th station, the cold snow-covered skiing area would surround you. It is at the 7th station where you could enjoy skiing, snowboarding, sledging, or even just observing the scenic scenery.

Accommodation at Tochal ski resort

Tochal ski resort hotel is located at an altitude of 3550m and it is open 7 to 8 months a year when the slopes are covered with snow. It is a great idea to spend a night at Tochal ski resort hotel as a wonderful ski-in/ski-out hotel located at 7th station. Staying at Tochal hotel gives you quick access to the lifts and slopes; moreover, you will enjoy the extraordinary panorama of the Alborz Mountains that take your breath away. Its café and restaurant also welcome skiers and snowboarders with hot drinks and delicious foods.

However, if you prefer to spend the night in Tehran, enjoy your gondola return journey. There are different budget hotels and hostels in Tehran to host you.

Apres-ski activities at Tochal ski resort, Tehran, Iran

Tochal restaurant welcomes skiers and snowboarders with hot drinks and delicious foods

Ski rental at Tochal ski resort

A variety of ski and snowboard equipment, helmets, and other accessories are available at Tochal ski resort and complex.  The ski rental is available at station 1 of the complex. Therefore, you can rent snowboards, gloves, goggles, helmets, ski clothes, or any other equipment that you need to ski.

Other activities at Tochal ski resort

Tochal ski resort and complex is not merely confined to winter sports. There are so many entertainments in the complex to attract non-skiers all year round. Many Tehranis come to this place to hang out with friends and families and enjoy the spectacular landscapes of Tehran called Bam-e-Tehran(Tehran roof). There are numerous restaurants, fast foods, and cafes here around. It is possible to walk to higher stations as well. Tochal telecabin is also there to take you to the higher stations; however, you need to get there early in the morning.  Tennis courts, shooting club, skate rinks, paintball arenas, ski school, fitness clubs, summer sled, and zipline are services and facilities provided to enjoy time at the Tochal ski resort and complex.

Tochol telecanbin (gondola lift)

Gondola run starts at an altitude of 1900m and ends at an altitude of 3740m

How to get to Tochal ski resort

Tochal international ski resort is very popular with the single-day-trip skiers, as it is the highest ski resort in Iran and easiest ski resort to access from Tehran. It takes about 15 minutes to take a taxi from Tajrish square and get to Tochal ski resort and complex. To make sure there is no blizzard at the top or there is a good condition to ski, do not forget to check the latest weather forecast before booking a ski tour or planning to ski in Tochal.

Iran is a cheap ski destination. Moreover, it has ski resorts higher than that of the Alps and the Rockies. Tochal, Dizin, Shemshak, Darbandsar, Khor, and Abali are just some of the Iranian high ski resorts that will offer you a memorable ski holiday in Iran.  If you wish to have a budget ski holiday this winter, get your Iran visa in advance or Iran visa on arrival, and then enjoy your unforgettable travel to Iran.

Location map for Tochal ski resort

From: Tajrish Metro Station, Tehran

To: Tochal ski resort, Tehran

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