Dizin ski resort, the first and the biggest ski resort in Iran

Dizin ski resort, the first and the biggest ski resort in Iran

Dizin ski resort is the first and the biggest ski resort in Iran recognized by the International Ski Federation. Dizin ski resort offers different runs for alpine, cross country, and backcountry skiing and snowboarding. The resort is located 70 km north of Tehran and it has well-groomed terrain for newcomers, marked slopes for avid skiers and unmarked fresh tracks for free-ride skiers and snowboarders looking for ski touring in Iran. The appealing winter weather, a great number of sunny days, and the pleasant summer weather have made Dizin a perfect winter-summer resort in the Middle East. Here, you will find more about Dizin ski resort as one of the highest ski resorts located near Tehran, the vivid capital of Iran.

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Dizin International ski resort

Dizin ski resort was recognized by the international ski federation as a standard place for holding ski competitions and official tournaments. The resort was announced suitable for skiing in 1966; however, it officially started its operation from 1968. As one of the best ski resorts and off-piste skiing areas near Tehran, Dizin international ski resort provides year-round recreation activities for passionate skiers, snowboarders, and non-skiers from around the world.

Dizin ski resort, the first and the biggest ski resort in Iran

The picturesque view of Mount. Damavand from the upper slopes of Dizin ski resort, Tehran (Photo by Ninara [CC BY 2.0])

Dizin ski resort elevation

Dizin sits at an elevation of 2650m (8694 feet) in the Alborz Mountains and has more than 20 ski pistes. 4 gondolas, 3 chairlifts, and 9 surface lifts make the slopes accessible for skiers and snowboarders. The highest lift reaches an altitude of 3600m ( 11,811 feet) which is much higher than many European and even North American ski lifts.  High altitude slopes of Dizin ski resort provide an incredible view of Mt. Damavand as the highest mountain in the Middle East. Dizin is also a good place for acclimatization before skiing on the slopes of Mount. Damavand.

Snow quality at Dizin ski resort

Perfect powder at Dizin ski resort reveals the snow quality and rivals that of Rocky mountain skiing areas. Since the snow is well retained and most of the lifts run, Dizin annually welcomes many skiers and snowboarders from around the world. It also allocates the biggest terrain area to skiing to make Dizin ski resort a perfect weekend ski destination, especially for the young Tehranis.

Dizin ski resort, the first and the biggest ski resort in Iran

Dizin ski resort, Iran (Photo By Ali Majdfar [CC BY-SA 2.5])

Off-piste skiing at Dizin

Dizin ski resort has the best variety of terrain and it boasts a maximum of 850m vertical drop. Though it is a piste-based skiing area and more Iranians prefer the groomed route, it has untapped steep slopes, deep powder snow, and off-piste tracks suitable for freeride snowboarders and skiers seeking for long runs and backcountry skiing experience. Dizin resort offers green, blue, black and double black diamond runs to exhilarate experienced skiers and boarders.  Moreover, one can hire ski instructors or experienced guides to reach off-piste skiing areas. To avoid risks, it is highly recommended that you attempt off-piste skiing along with qualified and well-equipped backcountry guides.

Ski season at Dizin ski resort

Dizin ski resort enjoys long ski season due to its high altitude. The highest lift reaches up to 3600m exceeding many of the Alpine resorts. As a result, the ski season lasts longer than that in European ski resorts. Dizin ski season typically starts from late November and ends in early May. However, for those who do not want to risk it, the safest time to plan ski vacation is in January and March. It might get too cold in Dizin, but it rarely hits the very low temperatures one might experience in some of the greatest ski destinations in the world.

Dizin ski resort, the first and the biggest ski resort in Iran

Dizin ski resort, Iran (Photo By Ali Majdfar [CC BY-SA 2.0])

Ski accommodation at Dizin ski resort

Hotels, chalets, restaurants, and parking lots are the amenities provided for the visitors’ comfort. Hotels in and around Dizin ski resort invite mountaineers, skiers, and snowboarders to shake the fatigue from their limbs and enjoy watching the picturesque peaks of Alborz.

Dizin Hotel as a ski in-ski out hotel is located within walking distance from the skiing area and it provides good facilities for skiers and snowboarders. Gajareh hotel is also a five-minute drive away from Dizin resort. For those skiers who prefer traveling on a budget, chalets are perfect. Since it takes a maximum of 3 hours to go back to Tehran, it is also possible to head back to Tehran and stay at one of the hotels or hostels that suits you best. Check Dizin ski resort website to find the price and availability of rooms and make the best room booking possible. The website also informs you of Dizin ski tours and lets you see Dizin ski resort map.

Dizin ski resort, the first and the biggest ski resort in Iran

Ski accommodation at Dizin ski resort, Iran (Photo By Ali Majdfar [CC BY-SA 2.0])

Ski rental at Dizin

If you do not have ski gear, it is possible to rent ski and snowboard equipment at Dizin. Though you cannot expect to find the latest skiing and snowboarding equipment, you can rent proper ski gear by paying a reasonable price.

Après-ski at Dizin ski resort

Après-ski culture in Iran ski resorts is different from other ski resorts in the world. Since drinking alcohol is forbidden in Iran, you cannot drink wine or beer. However, après-ski culture is still strong. Dizin ski complex has different restaurants in the area and on the piste. The restaurants offer a variety of foods to cater to your needs. Therefore, you can enjoy having many Après-ski drinks and foods and socializing with your new Iranian friends at Dizin restaurants.

Dizin ski resort, the first and the biggest ski resort in Iran

Après-ski at Dizin ski resort

Dizin snow forecast

Since Dizin ski resort is located high on the mountains, our advice is to check the weather before booking a tour to Dizin ski resort or making a plan to have a single day trip to Dizin as one of the best weekend ski resorts located so close to Tehran, the capital of Iran.

Summer activities at Dizin ski resort

As an international standard resort, Dizin complex is not limited to winter sports.  Dizin resort is a year-round recreation center offering various summer activities.  Grass skiing, tennis playing, mountain climbing, hiking, mountain biking, and horse riding are some of the summer activities at Dizin. In summer, Dizin turns into an important grass-ski center. In 2015, the grass skiing world cup was held on the summery slopes of Dizi ski resort and the international competitors coming from the best grass skiing countries in the world took part in the event.

Dizin ski resort, the first and the biggest ski resort in Iran

Enjoy long ski season at Dizin ski resort, Iran

How to get to Dizin?

Dizin is located approximately 123km north of Tehran from the Chalus road, and 70 km from Shemshak road that passes by Semshak and Darbansar ski resorts along the way. It is a shorter distance from Shemshak road; however, with the slightest snowfall the road is closed. Then, we suppose that it takes longer to reach Dizin via the old Chalus road. The best way up for tourists is to take a taxi from Tehran. There are taxis from Tajrish Square (Tajrish subway station) and it takes about 2 hours and a half -if not being stuck in a traffic jam- to get to Dizin winter and summer resort.

Dizin ski resort is an ideal place for winter sports, but it is not the only ski holiday destination around the capital. Shemshak, Darbandsar, Khor, Tochal, and Abali are also the other top ski resorts and off-piste skiing areas near Tehran.  The winter is getting closer and the peaks will start to whiten. So, it is time to skip the Alps and go on a ski holiday to Iran for skiing on the highest slopes of Iran, mostly located near Tehran.

Location map for Dizin ski resort

From: Tajrish Metro Station, Tehran

To: Dizin ski resort, Alborz

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