Khor ski resort is great for a weekend ski holiday near Tehran

Khor ski resort is great for a weekend ski holiday near Tehran

Khor ski resort is one of the best ski resorts and off-piste skiing areas near Tehran, the vivid capital of Iran. The resort is close to Khor village and it is located 65km northwest of Tehran. The ski area is located at an altitude of 3000m. There are two ski routes with a length of 1850m and 350m to enjoy a perfect ski day in the scenic Alborz Mountains. Khor ski resort has enough capacity to welcome 1300 skiers and snowboarders per day. Khor resort has been established in 1973; today it is one of the winter tourist attractions near the capital of Iran. Read this article to find more about the Khor ski resort that is great for a weekend ski holiday near Tehran.

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Khor ski resort services and facilities

Contrary to Dizin or Tochal ski resort, Khor ski resort does not have many facilities, but it offers satisfactory services to its visitors. A ski lift, a ski school, a restaurant, a café, a parking lot, and a place for accommodation are the facilities provided at Khor ski resort. You can also have delicious foods or hot beverages after hitting the high slopes at Khor ski resort.

For your accommodation, there is no ski-in/ski-out hotel or cheap chalets. There is just a villa with enough rooms for eight persons per night. If you prefer to ski on a budget, it is better to go back to Tehran and stay at one of the affordable hotels or hostels there.

Khor ski resort a great weekend ski holiday near Tehran

Khor ski resort is one of the best ski resorts and off-piste skiing areas near Tehran

Khor ski resort elevation

Khor ski resort sits at an elevation of 3000m. The ski area has a length of 200m beginning at an elevation of 3000m and ending at an elevation of 2800m. A ski lift makes it possible to find access to the high slopes and enjoy skiing. You can also enjoy vertical drops of 200m at the resort. High slopes of Khor ski resort provide a picturesque view of the Alborz Mountains.

Ski season at Khor ski resort

Tochal, Dizin, Darbandsar, and Shemshak ski resorts are the highest ski resorts near Tehran and due to their high altitude, the ski season lasts longer. However, the best time to go skiing at Khor ski resort is a bit different. Khor ski season typically runs from mid-January until March. Therefore, the safest time to plan for a ski vacation in Iran is in January and March when all the ski resorts are open to the avid skier and snowboarders. In winter, it gets cold, but it rarely hits very low temperatures that might bother winter-sport lovers.

Khor ski resort a great weekend ski holiday near Tehran

Enjoy a perfect ski day in Khor ski resort

Ski rental at Khor ski resort

Since it is hard to find the latest skiing and snowboarding equipment at Khor ski resort, it is better to bring yours along. Anyhow, you can rent ski gear at Khor ski resort if you do not have ski and snowboard equipment.

Ski accommodation at Khor ski resort

Though you have a variety of choices for accommodation at Dizin and Shemshak ski resorts, Khor ski resort offers you only a three-bedroom villa. The villa has enough capacity for eight people and it is equipped with convenient facilities. Khor ski resort is perfect for a one-day ski trip; therefore, it is a good idea to enjoy an adventurous day at the resort; and then to head back to Tehran and stay at one of the many budget-friendly hotels or hostels available all around the city.

Other activities at khor ski resort

One of the most beloved winter activities at Khor ski resort is snow tubing. Snow tubing is simply a fun activity that requires no skills, but you need to bear in mind that it is not in agreement with safety standards and it might cause injuries. Khor waterfall as a natural attraction is also located in a short distance from the ski resort; therefore, it is a good chance to enjoy ice climbing or visit enthusiastic ice climbers there. In spring, the weather is so pleasant that one would love strolling around the ski resort, listening to the roaring rivers, and watching the green gardens replete with fruits and flowers. Khor ski resort is not as high as Tochal ski resort or as challenging as Dizin, Shemshak, and Darbandsar ski resorts, but there are many entertaining activities to attract visitors especially locals in all four seasons.

Khor ski resort a great weekend ski holiday near Tehran

ski on a budget and have a memorable ski trip

How to get to Khor ski resort?

Khor ski resort is approximately 23km far from Karaj and 65km far from Tehran and you need to go through Karaj-Chalus road to get to the resort.  Driving from Karaj to Khor ski resort takes you through Chalus road as one of the world’s most spectacular roads. Then, you will have a great time visiting the beauty of the Alborz mountain landscapes before arriving at Khor ski resort.

Khor ski resort a great weekend ski holiday near Tehran

Khor ski resort is great for a weekend ski holiday

As a cheap ski destination, Iran offers high-altitude ski resorts rivaling that of the Alps and the Rockies. In order to ski on a budget and make a memorable ski trip, skip the Alps and go on a ski holiday to Iran. Surprisingly, the top 6 ski resorts and off-piste skiing areas in Iran are close to Tehran, the capital of Iran. Tochal, Dizin, Shemshak, Darbandsar, Khor, and Abali ski resorts as the best ski areas near Tehran have different runs suitable for alpine, cross country, and backcountry skiing and snowboarding.

If you quest for the highest ski resort in Iran, Tochal ski resort will welcome you. If you are seeking for adrenaline, Dizin ski resort and Darbandsar ski resort will satisfy you. If you wish to find one of the best mogul ski resorts in Iran, Shmeshak ski resort will host you, and if you just want to go skiing for a day, Khor ski resort will be the right ski resort for you. To have a great ski vacation in Iran, all you need to do is to apply for your tourist visa and enjoy your unforgettable travel to Iran.

Location map for Khor ski resort

From: Azadi Square, Tehran

To: Khor Ski Resort, Alborz

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