Shemshak ski resort, a great ski destination for mogul skiing

Shemshak ski resort, a great ski destination for mogul skiing

Shemshak ski resort as one of the best mogul ski resorts in Iran is located in the heart of Alborz Mountains. It is one of the highest ski resorts in Iran as the winter sports area is situated between the elevations of 2550m and 3050m. Quite steep slopes, thrilling mogul runs, night skiing, cross-country opportunities, and good powder for an ideal skiing experience are the priorities that make Shemshak ski resort a perfect ski destination for adventurous skiers and snowboarders. Shemshak ski resort is located 57km northeast of the capital; therefore, it is a good weekend ski resort and one of the best ski resorts and off-piste skiing areas near Tehran. Read the following article to find more about Shemshak ski resort, a great ski destination for mogul skiing.

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Shemshak international ski resort

Shemshak ski resort is located in a small village called Shemshak. Once, it was merely a village in the heart of the Alborz Mountains. However, after making efforts to find coal in the mines near Shemshak, the village grew and roads connecting Shemshak to Tehran were constructed. After a while, Shemshak turned into a leisure place for rich people especially those coming from Tehran to enjoy skiing. Finally, Shemshak ski resort was built in 1958. Years later, some changes were made in the slopes and lengths of trails. As a result, the International Ski Federation recognized Shemshak ski resort as an international ski resort in 1996.

Shemshak ski resort, a great ski destination for mogul skiing

Shemshsk ski resort boasts plenty of steep runs (Source:

Shemshak ski resort facilities and services

After Dizin as the first largest ski resort and Darbandsar as the second one, Shemshak ski resort is the third largest ski resort near Tehran. While other ski resorts are good enough for beginners or intermediate skiers to practice their skills, Shemshak is kind of a ski resort much suitable for advanced skiers. Shemshsk ski resort boasts plenty of steep runs varying in altitude and mogul runs perfect for mogul skiing. The ski runs are open even after the dark and avid skiers have the chance to enjoy night skiing at Shemshak ski resort.

Après-ski activities at Shemshak ski resort

After having a long adventurous day, it is time for après-ski activities. Though drinking alcohol is forbidden, you have the chance to have a different après-ski experience in Iran. At Shemshak ski complex, restaurants and coffee shops are serving a variety of après-ski foods and beverages. Moreover, you can have a good time talking to your Iranian friends and sharing your travel experiences. Finally, you can relax at hotels around Shemshak ski resort and wait for another beautiful winter day in Iran.

Backcountry skiing at Shemshak ski resort

Compared to the European ski resorts, Shemshak ski resort is a small one. However, it boasts spine-tingling slopes and many moguls that make it a wonderful mogul ski resort for passionate skiers and snowboarders. Shemshak ski resort and complex offer treasured terrains, numerous off-piste trails, perfect mogul runs; double runs; and triple black diamond runs. It has steep runs at high altitudes varying from approximately 2500 meters to 3000 meters. The professional ski boarders and cross-country skiers would enjoy the bumpy mogul runs of Shemshak piste as well as its steep runs.

Shemshak ski resort, a great ski destination for mogul skiing

Enjoy the bumpy mogul runs of Shemshak ski resort (Photo By Reza Vaziri [CC BY-NC 2.0] )

Ski season at Shemshak ski resort

Ski season at Shemshak resort begins from November and ends in April; however, it might get longer depending on the weather conditions. Considering snow condition, the best time for skiing and snowboarding begins from early December and ends in late March.

Ski accommodation in Shemshak ski resort

The image of warm baths and deep sleep in a comfortable room is what makes skiing experience a perfect memory for years. Fortunately, there are both luxury and budget-friendly hotels and rooms near Shemshak ski resort to offer good services after having a long adventurous day.

If the splendor of the lodging is your priority, Shemshak Barin Hotel is the best accommodation for you. The opening of this great 5-star hotel in Shemshak region took the world by storm in 2016. Barin hotel was labeled as the coolest ski hotel in the world.  Barin hotel is a masterpiece of modern Iranian architecture; the bone-like appearance and curved structure of this ivory mansion make it awesome. You can book this luxury ski hotel to relax in the warm comfort of its cozy rooms and enjoy the breathtaking view of the Alborz Mountains. It is a short drive from Shemshak ski resort and complex.

Shemshak ski resort, a great ski destination for mogul skiing

Barin hotel is a masterpiece of modern Iranian architecture (Source: Ryra studio)

Shemshak tourist hotel is the oldest hotel in the region. As a good ski-in/ski-out hotel in Shemshak complex, Shemshak tourist hotel offers equipped rooms to guests and let them enjoy recreational facilities of Shemshak ski resort such as cable cars and ski lifts. Since it is the nearest hotel to the ski fields; many tourists and travelers prefer to spend time in such a mountainous area mostly covered with snow.

Meigoon tourist complex is another hotel located 7km far from Shemshak ski resort. As an affordable hotel near Shemshak, Meigoon hotel is proper for skiers and snowboarders who wish to enjoy a cheap ski holiday. Since Shemshak resort is just 57km far from Tehran, it is also a good idea to go back to Tehran and accommodate at budget hotels or hostels there.

Other activities at Shemshak ski resort

You would be lucky enough to travel to Iran as a cheap ski destination and enjoy mogul skiing at Shemshak ski resort especially from Saturday through Wednesday when the piste is out of the population. However, it is not designed to merely please skiers and snowboarders. Shemshak ski resort and complex is also a desired recreational place for non-skiers who have no desire for ski-related activities but come there to enjoy the scenic scenery of Alborz Mountains and have a gondola ride. In winter, Shemshak complex is the right place for winter activities especially skiing while in summer, its pleasant weather is perfect for a picnic.

Shemshak ski resort, a great ski destination for mogul skiing

Shemshak ski resort (Photo by Omid Khalili)

How to get to Shemshak ski resort

Shemshak ski resort is nestled in the Alborz Mountains and it is 57 kilometers northeast of Tehran. You can reach the resort via Fasham road. It takes about one hour and a half to reach Shemshak ski resort through Fasham road.

Shemshak ski resort as the most challenging ski resort near Tehran is a perfect place to enjoy single day mogul skiing. Dizin, Darbandsar, Tochal, Abali, and Khor ski resorts are also the other high-altitude and affordable ski resorts near Tehran. If you wish to ski on the steep slopes of the highest ski resorts, stay at the best budget hotels, and meet some of the friendliest people on the earth; then it is time to skip the Alps and go on a ski holiday to Iran.

Location map for Shemshak ski resort

From: Tajrish Metro Station, Tehran

To: Shemshak Ski Resort, Shemshak, Tehran

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